word type: noun


Refers to a very light skinned person or a white man. It is pronounced with a nasalized “i”, spelled Oyinbo, in Yoruba where the word originates and oyibo in Igbo speaking areas, it is generally used to refer to a person of European descent or people perceived to not be culturally African.

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A gossiper, gossipmonger… From Urhobo language, “Avwebo”/”Aʋɛbo”, meaning the favourite amongst multiple wives in a polygamy; mother of house or senior wife. De facto in charge of the compound, having the ears of the husband and privy to all his affairs, Aʋɛbo would often serve as the goody-two-shoes conduit for gossip in order to win favour with her audience.

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Boss. Of Yoruba origin with the same meaning or similarly, big. Can be used both respectfully or informally.

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Pasta usually referring to Spaghetti. Possibly borrowed from Hausa, which ultimately borrowed it from the Italian word, “Tagliatelle”

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